Stimming in Stockinette

My Milkshake Cardigan is coming along. I love the construction. It’s very straightforward. I love the gray. I love all the stockinette. It’s the kind of thing I like to knit, and like to wear. This sweater reminds me of the Kids in the Hall skit “Are Extraterrestrials Dull?” It will be a quality garment. Yarn is Kelbourne Woolens Scout in Heather Gray from my stash. I decided the Tunis yarn is too special and will still make up the Kiki with it, when I am ready for cables again.

The garden is burgeoning. I wish I had planted more flowers. I might try peonies in here somewhere. I am still fighting slugs. They’ve just about taken out my Gerber Daisies, and it was a mature plant going in. Maybe I should try cosmos since I could dye with them.

The indigo is up, but so far only one madder seed has germinated. No tansy yet. I think I need a trip to the garden center!

13 thoughts on “Stimming in Stockinette

  1. Those peas look great. I am just now getting to the end of my garden snap peas. We’ve been eating them almost everyday for over a week now. The cool wet spring was perfect for this crop.

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  2. Lovely knitting. Slugs are the bane of my life, or were until I put everything they like in pots and protected the pots with copper tape and anti-slug matting. Cosmos they don’t seem to bother with. They do like my sedum spectabile, but don’t make enough difference to them to stop them growing and flowering. They even seem to live in them! I had to give up with hostas though. Primulas are in pots, because they just ate the lot otherwise. Damn things. I once used nematode slugs in the bed where they were most numerous and that seemed to work. I have also been known to go out at night in wellies and rubber gloves with a bucket of salt water and a pair of tongs to catch the buggers at it. I found loads but couldn’t be bothered after that. A step too far maybe!

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  3. Your cardigan is lovely! And your garden is doing so well! Have you tried the pit of beer for the slugs yet? Dig a little pit, then put a container of beer in it – like a little paper bowl or similar. They will go for it and drown. It is pretty horrible when you go to collect them, and they do get killed, but it is effective.

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