I’m Gardening Mostly

Our garden is really taking off. We’ve had two harvests of greens. Have you ever eaten baby Calendula greens? They are pretty tasty. I planted them for the flowers but I had to thin them out.

I ate this strawberry shortly after I took this photo.

None of the winter squash I planted seeds for made it, but I had a few volunteer in the compost, so I planted the best one in the garden. We’ll see how it does. I dressed it with wool pellets to keep the slugs off it.

I hope this zucchini makes it.

The flax is now a thick carpet of green.

Nasturtiums, Morning Glories, and Moonflowers in my flower basket.

I dead headed the roses and transplanted the Gerber Daisies (a Mother’s Day gift) into the garden, because flowers! This is my first bouquet, other than the lilacs. I found out Alys Fowler has a new book out, and I’m a big fan, so I ordered it from my local book store.

We’ve had a cold snap but everything seems okay so far. How is your garden growing?

8 thoughts on “I’m Gardening Mostly

      1. I usually help my courgettes pollinate but sometimes an absence of male flowers results in blossom end rot on the fruit. Well that’s my own finding and not technical.


  1. Stunning garden. Mine is not as wonderful, but I have plenty of snap peas and will take in a large harvest of garlic in another month. I envy your nasturtiums and strawberries. Do the wood pellets work as slug repellent?


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