Well, That Was Fast: Garden Update

My first squash blossom popped up in the garden this morning. And chipmunks are enjoying our ripe strawberries, the little rascals. But overall, the garden is doing well, I’ve noticed some things are not coming up when I planted them by seed. Critters are probably eating them. Since my Irish Eyes Sunflowers are not making it, and I have LOTS of volunteer sunflowers coming up under the bird feeders, I decided to move some of them to the garden proper along the back wall. I also planted an extra zucchini and yellow cherry tomato under the bird feeders, which the critters will enjoy, I’m sure. It’s near the septic, so we won’t be eating anything out of that garden.

On the knitting front, I’ve decided to cast on one size down on Skipwith, which should result in a 42″ circumference, which is about 2 inches of ease for me. I’ll play close attention to row gauge and the length measurements.

I’ve been working on the next episode of The Just Craft when I can. I had a wonderful trip to Tarheelbilly Farm, and will share photos when the episode goes live, hopefully this weekend.

Work is keeping me busy what with catching up from my vacation, and lots of night meetings this week!

Also, we have a fat raccoon who is eating bird seed like potato chips and washing it all down with hummingbird nectar. And something left its calling card on our porch table last night. What is it? We thought these were from a raccoon, but now I’m not so sure.

9 thoughts on “Well, That Was Fast: Garden Update

    1. It’s probably fine, but I’m cautious about it. A septic tank shouldn’t be leaking, and we don’t have any weird smells, but just to be cautious we aren’t growing a veggie garden there. Since we’ve only lived here a year, I guess we still have a lot to figure out!


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