Sunday Year of Projects Update

I haven’t been keeping up on my YOP updates. Since it’s been a while, I thought I should do that today.


I finished sewing my Ophelia Overalls, and I love them. I’m going to sew a pair for each season. These are my spring overalls. I’ll sew a linen pair in summer, a corduroy pair in fall, and a wool flannel pair in winter. Pattern is by Decades of Style. Fabric is organic cotton twill from Koshtex.

Next I’ll sew another Raglan Dress in blue cotton shirting.


Water is coming along. I get frustrated with the lace sections, so it’s in time out a fair bit. It’s not that it’s difficult. I think I’ve got it, so I stop paying close attention and then make a mistake. It’s not great TV knitting.

I’ve knit a gauge swatch for an Anker’s Summer Shirt (Rav link). AJ is knitting one, and it was in my queue, so I thought, why not? Impromptu KAL. My gauge is spot on in this Blacker Lyonesse linen and wool, so time to cast on!

I also knit a gauge swatch for Kate Davies’ new long sleeved Treit in Foxglove. I’m having trouble getting gauge so I think I’ll sit on it a bit.

I’m going to let Bob pick out some yarn from my stash, and then cast on a new pair of socks for him. He really likes his Valentine’s Day socks and wears them a lot.


I have a new piece finished for March, and meant to lay out my April piece today. But I’m tired after all the sewing, so I guess I’ll do that next weekend. I checked my wool colors, and I should be good to go. No colors to dye for the next one.


My cotton and linen slub tee is coming along.


My new episode “Grow Your Clothes: Rust Belt Fibershed” is available! I had a great time on this interview and ended up having to cut quite a bit, but may have enough left over for another episode. If you would like to give it a listen, look for The Just Craft on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts, or you can listen at


I made some banana bread today! I like walnuts in my banana bread, but can’t have them (tree nut allergy) so I added pumpkin seeds instead.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my updated list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Shout out to Kelley of Ramen Needles / Dye Mad for adjusting my yarn club subscription when I asked her not to send me superwash if possible. She sent me this gorgeous silk and linen this month. 💙

17 thoughts on “Sunday Year of Projects Update

  1. Your overalls look comfy and fun to muck about in. I can’t wait to see your seasonal pairs also! Yay for big portioned, banana bread! I have two, super ripe bananas that will need to be used soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your overalls turned out so cute. My sewing machine went into the repair shop this week. Can’t believe how expensive it is to repair something I rarely use. Both your knitting projects look so cute. I love the yarn for your Anker.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my look at all of those projects! Thd overalls look fabulous and I love the idea of having different ones for different seasons. Water is looking great but sometimes you just need a break. And the lyonesse looks perfect for anker.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I got a package from Ramen Needles last week. I may have accidently started a new addiction with her yarn. Your swatch looks great, and that will be a really nice t shirt. Your Water will be stunning when it is done. It is coming along nicely. I need to reread Slow Knitting and stop rushing through projects. And finally your bibs are super cool. They fit well, and the picture of you in them is beautiful. You look like you could be in a magazine. What a stunning photo, showcasing wonderful work.

    Liked by 1 person

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