Garden is Ready, Overalls Not

Bob finished adding the rest of the soil to the garden and also finished my snaky path for me.

We’ve really come a long way on the garden. We left the far end as is because there are trees down there and Bob wants to try to pull them out. I can’t wait for seeds to start popping up. Then I’ll have a better idea of where the rest of the herbs and veggies should go.

I made progress on my overalls today. Why is it so tough to get a decent sewing WIP photo? I’m going to have to follow more sewists on Instagram for inspiration.

I haven’t clipped the crotch seam yet, which is why it’s a little bunchy. I hate clipping seams. I may trim it with the serger instead. I still need to add the bib and straps.

Isn’t my orchid pretty? I have no idea how I’ve kept it alive and happy for so long. Benign neglect, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Garden is Ready, Overalls Not

  1. Oh it is looking lovely so far and I’m excited to see the seeds growing up around your path. The orchid is amazing. I just keep staring at the one flower bud on mine that’s been there for weeks. You must have the magic spot for it.

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  2. Nice garden….Nice overalls……LOVE your orchid……I got one for my birthday and it died!!!! How do I keep them alive?

    Nice goin you two……We had rain and snow all day!!!!!


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  3. I love your snaky path! Your overall look so fun, you’ll be finished soon! The orchid? I’ve never seen such a happy bloomin’ thing! I replanted spinach and lettuce today, watered them in so they don’t blow away. I’m hoping that when the snow melts on Wednesday and it finally stays warm for more than 2 days at a time, they will explode. I think I hoped that the last time it snowed..😒

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