Friday FO

I finished the Getting Warmer cowl in the Kenyan merino I dyed. I didn’t have enough yarn to knit the pattern as written. I had to make it a little smaller, and then I blocked the heck out of it. Fingers crossed for some squooshy garter stitch drape. I hope the auction winner enjoys it!

This is my first time using my Cocoknits blocking tools and it is so much better than using towels!

10 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. That cowl is beautiful!!!!!! I may have to cast on. I’m in a cast on mood , which is all due to COVID changing my brain. Truly, I may have to cast that on because of you. I’m trying to stick with the Blanket for as long as possible. The more I get done the less I will feel like it is a chore when I get bored with it.

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