Advent Scarf for 2021

📸 Tricia Weatherston

Looking ahead to Advent 2021, I would love to knit this gansey stitch advent scarf by Tricia Weatherston (Ravelry link). It calls for worsted weight yarn. What’s funny is there was a day when solid color worsted was most of my stash. Now it’s mostly hand dyed sock yarn. But I do have some gray DK that would probably work out for this pattern.

I’m curious now. What’s your yarn stash look like? Lots of hand dyed sock yarn, like mine?

9 thoughts on “Advent Scarf for 2021

  1. My stash looks a lot like a yarn store – at least in part because I was the recipient of leftovers from a closed yarn store. And I since I was a teacher, people knew I could make use of pretty much anything at school; I left a lot there, but kept the really nice stuff not appreciated by elementary students! And my aunt emptied apartments of elders at her retirement community; many of them were knitters. And another aunt couldn’t pass by yarns that caught her eye – I have a lot from her, and will have more, I think, when she decides that she really has given up knitting – she’s now about 95. And relatives give me yarn for gifts. So I have boxes and bins overflowing everywhere, and am doing really well at not buying yarn, unless I can see a specific project in the immediate future.

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  2. I have some worsted acrylic/wool blend, a goodly amount of DK in gray and cream, a bit of cotton worsted for dish cloths, a bunch of mohair in black and sea green, enough cotton in French blue for a cardigan, wool in golden yellow, charcoal, black, lavender, gray and lavender/gray, and a batch of pastel acrylics that will work nicely for baby stuff or something light. Half of that was gifted to me, I think. I have no fingering, except for the stuff for my Orkney and for a second set of advent mittens. I am going to find some just for me this year and finally knit a pair of socks for me!

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  3. my stash is fairly evenly spread over different weights: bulky, worsted, DK, fingering and lace. Most is wool or wool blends, but I have some acrylic yarn that I purchased for teaching children fiber arts. I am constantly trying to find new ways to use up the odd 1 to 3 skeins of each yarn in this stash. I have some 100% alpaca fingering that I intend to knit held with another type yarn.

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  4. That is a very cool pattern! I would like to knit that too 🙂 My stash has both a bunch on hand-painted sock yarn and a bunch of solid color worsted weight yarn. I really need to think about knitting down the stash this coming year :/

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  5. I think the scarf would look great in gray! My stash is a bell curve spread across the intermediate yarn weights, with larger amounts of sport and DK. Colorwise, most of the yarn is pretty homogeneous – not many colorful ones in there. (Time for shopping?)

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