December 13 HoliDaily: All Things Scandi

I caught a snap of the gingerbread before they were all eaten.

In the photo of my gingerbread cookies above, you will see an animal, of sorts. Bob always asks me why I have two different reindeer cookie cutters, and I always say, exasperated, “It’s a Julbock!”

“A what?”

“The Yule Goat!”

📸 Simply Knitting

First of all, reindeer are caribou. And mountain goats are also caribou. Second, yes I will probably knit this Julbock some day. It’s my favorite cookie cutter and some sheep are also caribou. And that’s how we get to sheep. Julbock and Tomtaren pattern (Alan Dart website link)

And here is a Wikipedia link if you want to learn about the Yule Goat.

📸 Kristin Drysdale

The reason I chose all things Scandi for today is because it is St. Lucia’s Day, the holiday where children in Scandinavia make saffron buns and perilously wear a lit candle crown on their heads while serving their parents coffee with the saffron buns. (Wikipedia link) This Swedish Christmas Pillow is adorable. I really love looking at it. I will think about knitting it. (Ravelry Link) Note the Dala Horse in this pattern.

📸 Amy Gwatkin

The Dala Horse is another cookie cutter my family is mystified about. This hat is super cute, but I would probably knit it in red and white. Karusellen (Ravelry Link)

📸 Tea Cosy Folk

I have no need for a tea cosy, but this one is a turtleneck sweater! And it’s super Scandi so I had to share it. Scandi Jumper Tea Cosy (Ravelry link)

Year of Projects Update

I updated my list but other than that I don’t have much to share. You can read my original list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 13 💙
All the Advent Yarn so far.
I made gluten-free rosemary shortbread last night. Today we’re making mince pies.

Today is our Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit at 1PM Eastern. If you are new and would like to join us by Skype, please DM your Skype ID to me on Instagram or Ravelry.

8 thoughts on “December 13 HoliDaily: All Things Scandi

  1. Oh those cookies! you have a talent. I cannot bake cut out cookies! I am in scramble to find a few homemade cookies as there are no cookie walks during COVID. I have relied on the impressive baking of other for a long time. However, its just the two of us, so perhaps a bakery cookie will do


  2. The signal here is so slow that I read all your words and then had to wait while the pictures downloaded section by section. It’s probably just a little better than dial up 😂 I’ve not heard of these goats but love all things Scandinavian. I thought caribou was just the Canadian or Inuit name for reindeer so I’ve learned something new!


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