December 5 HoliDaily: Krampus!

📸 Regina Weiss

December 5 is the beginning of the Feast of Saint Nicholas, which means Krampus is coming tonight! This pattern is crochet, and although I don’t really like to crochet, I may make an exception for a Krampus hat. (Ravelry link)

Yesterday, I stood up while my foot was asleep and fell over like a proverbial tree in a forest. The only thing missing was someone shouting, “Timber!” I hurt my foot and hand pretty badly, but I don’t think anything is broken. The good news is I can sit in my comfy chair all day and knit. I’ve almost finished the edging on my Shetland Tweed Throw. But I’m hoping to be able to stand long enough to make gingerbread cookies so we can eat them while watching my favorite Christmas movie, Rare Exports.

Day 5 Moondrake yarn advent

Pink has been my color this year, and this pink perfectly matches my Thanksgiving cactus blooms! 💕

Here’s all the yarn so far. Each skein is a treasure and I’m still not sure what to make with them.

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