Happy December HoliDaily!

I’ve decided to do a thing in December where I post a festive knitting pattern every day of the month. I’m not necessarily knitting these patterns, at least not right now, but I think sharing them is a festive celebration of all things knitting and holiday!

Arctic Blizzard Socks 📸 by Katrine Birkenwasser

Because we started the month with snow, I decided the Arctic Blizzard Socks should be my first pattern share. (Blogspot link) (Ravelry link) She also has a really cute sweater design Longing for Snow that is similar. (Ravelry link)

Speaking of socks, I’ve started the heel flap on my TransPride socks! Sooo close.

And now, without further ado, here is Day 1 of my Moondrake yarn advent… (drumroll)

It couldn’t be more appropriate!

8 thoughts on “Happy December HoliDaily!

  1. Oh you have snow, I am sooooo jealous. We have some on the mountain behind us but nothing lower yet. I love the idea of seeing your wintery posts everyday. So far I love the shawl I picked and accidentally knit a bit of the 2nd days colour too…it has new to me stitches in it, but I like that I am using last year’s advent so I know the colour order.

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