Fall Back Year of Projects Update

It’s November 1. Only two more months of 2020! Even though this year has been a dumpster fire, it’s been a productive year for me. Probably because I never leave my house.

Fiber Art

I started a new piece for the solo show next year. Here it is pre-felted. I’ve wet felted it now, but it’s drying. I have to make at least one piece every month until September 2021. In November, I’m going to concentrate on dying my own fleece as I’m finding purchased dyed roving doesn’t always felt as expected.

This week our group, Mother Artists at Work, had two interviews in local publications for our group show. I also had an interview for work with the Fair Trade Federation. Three interviews in one week! It was a lot, but it was good. This must be the year of doing all the things. I also won a yarn giveaway from Ramen Needles!


I knit a bunch of Halloween things that weren’t on my YOP list and it was fun. I knit two colorwork cowls. I want to leave a note for myself right here. Don’t knit anymore colorwork cowls that don’t have shaping. When you wear them, all you see is the floats on the back. Maybe I need to learn how to wear them.

I think I figured it out! Maybe it was still too damp and floppy when I had it on at first.


I feel really good about finishing my Halloween Rachel shirt. I’m going to finish sewing my fall advent bags and then I’d like to concentrate on our curtains before starting on any new apparel projects. I think I found my go to pants in the new Ottobre.


I kind of forgot about this. Why design your own thing when there are so many awesome designs already out there?


I listen to fiddle music and daydream about playing the fiddle. Does that count?

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my original list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit today at 1PM Eastern! Please message or email your Skype ID to me, Marilee, or Sarah if you are new and want to join in.

23 thoughts on “Fall Back Year of Projects Update

  1. I think your cowl looks great!! Hope it wears well. Your socks look great too. Love the pattern on the one and the stripe colors on the other. Gosh, I can’t even imagine making a shirt. Yours looks so professional. Gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your picture and your choice of colours. Funny you should say about seeing the inside. My bricks and mortar cowl which was a mosaic knitting pattern flops over and you see the inside and it is too big. It is made with homespun and so would felt but I’m not sure it would stop it flopping over. It’s all things we learn along this knitty adventure.

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  3. You create such lovely things! I also like the fact that you immerse yourself in the creative world and make it a priority to “make all the things”! I love that cowl maybe if you twisted it twice around your neck? Was there a pattern for it? I would love to make one. Your fleece artwork is so pretty. The shirt is awesome. So many details in sewing a shirt. Your’s looks so professional. Have a great week! I’d love to join your knitting group but I don’t have a cell phone and my pc doesn’t have a camera.


  4. Oh your felted art is amazing!!!!! Alyssa I love it.
    I made an okay dinner. It wasn’t terrible….but
    it was crockpot french toast with no eggs. Canadian bacon chunks and apples. Cinnamon , butter sugar. Meh.


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