Socktober It To Me Monday

My Halloween Socks are whizzing by. Striped yarn is Bewitching from TurtlePurl and solid is Deluxe 4Ply High Twist from Wee SewNSew. I love the look and feel of both these yarns, and they aren’t bad together. Time to start on the gusset!

I’ve started my first landscape for the show. This is prior to the wet felting stage. It’s drying now and then I will do some needle felting and stitching. I’ve been thinking a lot about some of my first experiences with art, specifically Fauvism and Expressionism, and I can see how this is influencing me right now. I blended most of this wool on hand cards to get the colors I wanted.

I think the pattern in my Broom Riding Cowl is showing up enough to carry on.

Bob and I went hiking on Saturday to Christmas Rocks, one of my favorite spots.

I cast on my Arrowhead Cardigan. It’s Cast On All The Things Month.

Next cast on will be my Celtic Colours Mitts purchased while on last year’s vacation in Nova Scotia.

12 thoughts on “Socktober It To Me Monday

  1. I love Cast on All The Things month. It s better than Christmas:) All I see is creativity and excitement! That said I love all your projects. Your landscape piece is going to be great. I can’t wait to watch it progress. The cowl looks so pretty.
    Your hiking spot is so green! Our leaves are turning and starting to drop.

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  2. Loving all your casted on things! Your sock is looking great – those yarns do look good together. I love the landscape already – it is very evocative. Can’t wait to see it develop! Also love the Broom Riding Cowl – you have so many lovely pieces in progress 🙂

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  3. I wish my mums grew socks like yours! 🙂
    I love the colors in your cowl and mitts. I knit with Lettlopi for the first time recently and I was totally hooked. I love the wooly deliciousness of it.

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