Friday FO

Finished Pumpkin Spice Latte Socks

If you look carefully, you will see these socks are not identical. Leave a comment if you spot it.

But they are fine. I don’t care. Yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply in Cardamom. Cuff is double eyelet rib.

I got my hair chopped off. I love it.
I brought in my plants since it’s been getting cold at night. They get so much sun here. I think they will be very happy this winter.

And right on cue for 2020, I’ve finally got two tomatoes on my plants. The leaves are already dead. Too funny.

I guess I’m going to have to learn how to darn. I’ve got a hole in the elbow of my $1.99 Marks and Spencer thrift store cardi. Hopefully I can find a tutorial on YouTube.

I’ve watched the first episode of Great British Baking Show. I’m hungry for more. (See what I did there?) Bob and I finished the first season of Raised by Wolves. If you like sci fi, as we do, you might enjoy it.

Tomorrow’s Saturdate theme is Karl Urban. I was thinking of Star Trek but we’ve seen it too many times. Bob has Dredd and The Irrefutable Truth about Demons on the calendar. I think Karl Urban is funny.

A few weeks ago we watched the new Charlie Kauffman film “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.” Do you like Charlie Kauffman? I like Charlie Kauffman. I’m enjoying the film, you know, just going with it, and then at the end I look at Bob and say, “What the hell just happened?” And we laugh. It’s an enjoyable experience. Plus David Thewlis and Toni Colette are two of my favorite actors.

I hope to get some crafting done this weekend. Wish me luck!

20 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. And it looks to me like one foot is longer than the other, but who cares? What I’m wondering is how the garter stitch feels under your heel. I made an unwearable pair of garter stitched slippers – they were just too ridged under foot. Live and learn – maybe if they’d been finer yarn/more tightly knit they would have been OK.

    I’ve been cutting friends’ hair lately; I used to do this a lot when we were younger, and people didn’t have hairdresser money. Guess I do a good enough job!

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  2. I can’t really FIND anything wrong. They are the perfect autumnal socks. I LOVE Your hair. !
    WE love all GBB shows. They got us through a long winter…I learn something on every show and I’m amazed they are all amateurs

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  3. love the socks, since cast on!

    Sorry about the jumper, the yarn looks really nice – I think you can fix it relatively easily by grafting. First you securre the bottom row (e.g. through a needle), then you can “knit” up, though you will need a length of matching yarn!

    In case you haven’t’ found it yet, here is a video which I think is clear:

    and here if you prefer pictures:

    Good luck!

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  4. Love those socks! Very autumnal, and they look great with your clogs, too! Your new haircut is lovely! You have a really nice big window – that will be good for your plants for the winter. Are you going to fry your green tomatoes, or set them to ripen?

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  5. I had to look at the socks for a good long time before I realised, I think that the heel turn one on the one foot is done in stockinette instead of garter.

    We have also been having a funny year with our tomatoes. I used to grow tomatoes in South Africa and I would have to be careful that none landed up in the compost otherwise I would have them growing like weeds. The dogs even used to eat the tomatoes off the plants and my mom didn’t care because we just had so many. But here in Scotland, it seems to be harder to grow them. I don’t know if we had a particularly wet summer but this was my first time growing tomatoes here and they only just started making fruit about a week or two ago and we have had a very small harvest.

    I would encourage you to find a tutorial so you can make it look neat, my darning is never perfect, but that looks like a relatively simple hole to fix. the loops are nice and visible. I would just take some matching yarn and catch the loops and then weave the yarn between the threads to close the gaps. But maybe look at a tutorial, as I said my darning is never perfect.

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