NOFOs from Stockinette City

PSL sock

Remember when all I wanted to knit was stockinette and I couldn’t handle anything else? Welp what can I say…

Arachne Sweater

I’m starting to see Arachne with short sleeves. Maybe I won’t order more yarn. And the PSL socks were supposed to be completed for TWT Sock Sprint today and I didn’t even finish one! Oh well. It’s just knitting.

You know what I did do? Applied for a grant for work.

I also had kind of a rough week with digestive issues. I guess I’ve developed another allergy, this time to chickpeas. Which is sad, because no more hummus. But I’ve been running regularly, which is pretty exciting.

Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit is this Sunday at 1PM EDT. I hope to see you there. If you are new please DM your Skype user ID to me on Ravelry or Instagram. You can join our group on Ravelry if you want but it’s not required.

8 thoughts on “NOFOs from Stockinette City

  1. i’m so sorry about the chickpea allergy! Have you tried making hummus with other beans? Maybe it is not lost to you entirely 🙂 Love your sock and your Arachne – you are making great progress! But yes, all stockinette all the time is super boring. You will power through it!

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  2. Your sweater looks great! Short sleeves would be awesome:)
    Your socks will be done eventually. The first is fabulous.
    I’m sorry you’ve developed another food allergy:( I agree with looking into a different bean to make hummus.

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