Am I Becoming a Sock Knitter?

Pride Socks in TurtlePurl What Does It Mean

Yesterday, The Woolly Thistle started their Sock Sprint KAL. In the spirit of thank you sir may I have another I hurried to finish my Pride socks so I could cast on another pair!

Not a perfectly matching pair, but I don’t mind.

I was thinking about making some Pumpkin Spice Latte socks (just the same recipe with a different cuff) from this West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-Ply in Nutmeg.


Am I becoming a sock knitter? The thought of not having a pair of socks on the needles has me feeling off-kilter. But the Sock Sprint is only two weeks, and I don’t know that I’ll be able to finish a pair in that amount of time. But if I don’t, it’s really no big deal. Right? So maybe I’ll throw caution to the wind and cast on.

This weekend’s movie theme is Joker. First we’ll watch The Dark Knight for Heath Ledger’s interpretation then Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in Joker. I think they were both equally good, but I absolutely loved the film Joker.

Our Blogville Knitters virtual knit is tomorrow at 1PM EDT! If you’re not already in the Skype group, please message your Skype ID to me on Instagram or Ravelry. Hope to see you tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “Am I Becoming a Sock Knitter?

  1. Your socks are fantastic! What matters most with hand knit socks is that they fit and you’ve got that:)
    I hope you’re becoming a sock knitter! There is magic is taking string and bending it into a sock. When everything else in life is going wrong this skill reminds the knitter that they can do anything they set their mind to! Cast on the new socks! They’ll be great:)

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  2. Love that pumpkin yarn. There is no stigma in being a sock knitter. You can revel in it or put it aside. The sock I have on my needle has had a sorry saga. First too small, then too big. I am on my third attempt, this time with a pattern I trust.

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  3. Yes on socks – no on deadlines!! At least for people with other pieces of their lives to live. I’ve made three pair? four? so far this year; the fastest was 8 days, the slowest a few weeks. They are small, and perfect summer knitting. I started a pair today, while being driven on a boring interstate highway; it’s yarn I really don’t like, but I don’t have to keep the socks! So far: one pair for my sister, one for my nephew, one for me (featured in a recent post), and I’m not sure who will get this pair.

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  4. The pride socks are great. I love that you are becoming a sock knitter. Just think of all of the blogville KAL opportunities! I now really want a pair of pumpkin spice latte socks. I might be buying yarn now, and I blame you.

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  5. Your Rav link didn’t work for me, but I found my way to this post – and so glad I did! Those socks are beautiful, and what fun they will be to wear. And your Nutmeg colored yarn has put me in the mood for something autumnal! Oh boy… I think I need to go digging through my oranges, tans and golds!

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