A Quirky Quiz

Karen posted a quirky quiz on her site. I do love a quiz!

Do you have any quirky decorative pieces that you just love?

My house is full of quirky art and quirky handmade and quirky fair trade and quirky vintage. I don’t even know where to start. But I think my Christopher Walken nightlight sums it up.

Do you have quirky food habits? What is the quirkiest?

Other than allergies and intolerances, my quirkiest food habit is probably texture. I don’t like anything crispy and crumbly, like Halva. Crumbly is okay. Crispy is okay. But not both. Bugs. That’s why.

Everyone has a favorite shirt. Do you have a favorite quirky piece of clothing? Maybe it’s super comfortable. Maybe it’s your favorite color.

I love to wear overalls, or bibs, as they are called here.

We all love to craft. Do you have quirkiness involved with your crafting?

Yesterday, in honor of Sock it to Me Monday, I knit on my Pride sock as I walked the bike path. It wasn’t a stellar experience, but I think I will do it again. It felt like something that will improve with practice. Quite frankly, I would love to knit in public more often.

I like wood needles. I don’t like knitting with metal or bamboo or casein. I like that there are casein needles with glitter in them. But I would probably just look at them and not knit with them. And, no, bamboo is not wood. Bamboo splits. Wood doesn’t. And I don’t like the little join at the end of the needle on the circular needle sets. I guess I like my knitting experience to be smooth (wood), but not slick (metal). I think of this as being fussy, though, not quirky. I’m also fussy about natural fibers both in knitting and sewing and anything I’m wearing next to my skin. And I like my shoes to be leather, or wool for slippers, because I want my feet to be able to breathe. Canvas is okay, too, but I usually have to wear cotton or wool socks with canvas shoes. What was the question again?

I hope you will play along and tell us all about your quirks!

12 thoughts on “A Quirky Quiz

  1. My answers are on Karen’s post. I think I’d put Fat Boy Slim on and dance like Christopher Walken in the music video to the light of your nightlight? It is pretty cool, now I want to see more of your quirky things. I use wood needles, except my sockwonder needle. I find my KnitPro (Knitter Pride in US) circulars have an awkward join that things catch on, so I now use the Lykke needles and these are pretty smooth joins and I don’t tend to have issues. I have a bamboo crochet set because I wasn’t sure if I’d like crochet and it was cheap.

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