I Sound My Barbaric YOP

Year of Projects Update Week 3
Arachne Yarn Chicken

I divided for the sleeves on Arachne. I’m worried I will run out of yarn. Do I wait until I run out? Or should I go ahead and order? What would you do?

Knit the Rainbow as it Presents

I started the heel flap on my second Pride sock. I decided to be lazy zen and knit the rainbow as it presents. #knittingislife

Shetland Tweed Throw and Beverage of Choice

My Shetland Tweed Throw is almost long enough to cover me as I knit it. I still have six hanks of this yarn but I’m holding it double. I only had 10 hanks to begin with, so I think I’m okay. There is an i-cord edging, but that shouldn’t take too much yarn.

There’s nothing to report on other topics except for practice on fiddle and design. No sewing. No fiber art.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my original list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Non-YOPping Content

Lili Taylor in Dogfight

Yesterday was Lili Taylor movie day. We watched Mystic Pizza and Dogfight. Neither Bob nor I had ever seen Dogfight. It was poignant. River Phoenix was also superb. Maybe next weekend will be River Phoenix weekend.

I can’t wait until our virtual knit later today!

23 thoughts on “I Sound My Barbaric YOP

  1. lots of knitting for you this week – that arachne is looking great.

    On your question: I’ve played yarn chicken repeatedly, but it wasn’t really yarn chicken, in that I was trying to not eat into my *last* skein – can’t think of a project when I did not have at least one full ball/skein left over. Not to mention that the yarn you are using looks delicious!

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  2. Everything looks fantastic!
    When I play yarn chicken I just keep knitting and see what happens. Enough times I’ve had enough yarn that it’s worth the chance. Though I like to think I just like to live my knit life dangerously;)

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  3. Funny about yarn chicken… I always panic which leads to a cascade of yarn buying. I realized I would run out of yarn on my Eyelet top so I ordered another skein from the dyer. But to get free shipping I ordered yarn to make my daughter a summer top. Oops panic set in and about the same time a LYS posted they had just gotten a shipment of the yarn (and the color) I was using. Head to the LYS and buy a skein. Turns out I didn’t need it but since I’d had it made into a ball I couldn’t return it. So headed back to the LYS this past week and bought enough to make a summer top for me. Will it never end??!!

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  4. Well, as for yarn chicken. If you do order another skein of yarn and do not use it for the sweater, you could make a chic hat to go with the sweater! Therefore, no wasted yarn. I really like your shetland throw. It looks nice and toasty.

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  5. being a math nerd I try to figure out if yarn chicken is a game a can win before ordering more. It looks awesome so can’t wait to see it finished. I-cord takes more yarn than you think in my experience but it sounds like the throw is a good size and you have lots left . I love the rainbow socks and good on you for zenning the colour changes. Much more relaxing that way.

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  6. I usually buy an extra skein as soon as I start to panic. For turtle dove and such a winter’s day I did end up using them. Your socks look like fun stripes. I’ll have to check our streaming channels to see if we have that movie. I’ve not seen Mystic Pizza for a very long time…since it first came out on video rental!

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  7. Oh my gosh, all your projects look great! Love them all – Arachne is so lovely and your pride sock is so cheery! And that throw is beautiful and looks so cozy as well 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed you don’t need any more yarn! Is it available anywhere else at all?

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  8. I would wait until you run out….the reason I say that is because while waiting for the yarn to arrive, should you need to order more, you can start another project! Yay! Arachne is so cool and I love the Pride socks. The Shetland Blanket is awesome!
    I have no idea who Lili Taylor is and I’ve never heard of those movies but I am older than dirt so I’m not surprised plus I watch very little t.v. except for You Tube. Stay safe and stay well!

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  9. Beautiful projects – every one. No advice on yarn chicken versus buying more yarn now, though I like Sandra’s idea above. ;^) That Sheltand Blanket is terrific. It looks cozy and soft.

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  10. Your socks and blanket look great. The sweater looks great too. I would order more yarn. I start to obsess over running out of yarn and stress myself out. I’ve learned to just buy the extra yarn. You can always make a hat or mittens with it if you don’t need the yarn.

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  11. RE running out of yarn for garments {which I rarely knit for myself anyway} I always say do the sleeves first. Sleeves only stop at certain places and still look intensional but the body can be anything from a halter to a floor length thing and not cause a second thought.

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