Lovely Day

emPower People purple bandana, yarn is Wood Wool Stone alpaca blend in Concord

I had a lovely day today (Sunday). I blogged my YOP update. Bob made eggs with toast for my breakfast. I took a nap. I knit. I enjoyed our Blogville Knitters virtual knit. I finished my emPower People bandana. The boys came over and Bob made tacos for our dinner.

❤️ Nerds ❤️

We are playing a role playing game called Ashen Stars. This is my first time playing an RPG. Today we learned about the different races of characters in the game. I chose Val Mas. This week we are working on names and character development.

My brain glows when I activate my psychic resonance.

The funny thing is that Bob has been calling this game Sherlock Holmes in Space. I thought that was the actual name of the game but it turns out he made that up.

It was nice to cross something off my list today!

11 thoughts on “Lovely Day

  1. Lovely bandana!
    Your Sunday sounds like a great day at home:)
    I immediately had to text my daughter and ask if she’s played that game. She’s a huge RPG fan. Her degree is Interactive Media and Game Development so really any game (except Monopoly!) thrills her.

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  2. I love the bandana, and downloaded the pattern, and might make one. I’m not a fan of purple – and will knit out of stash anyway, and may do something a little more challenging than garter stitch, and I guess by then it won’t be the same thing at all – but the concept is a good start!

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  3. Your bandana turned out great! It was great seeing and talking to you again, as well as the rest of the Blogville Knitters 🙂 That sounds like an interesting game – I’m looking forward to hearing about it as you go! I used to do RPGs a lot in college and beyond. That’s actually how I met my husband!

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