Saturday Words

Sheep at Highland Village, NS

Just as everyone was leaving Ravelry for inaccessibility, I seem to be spending more time over there. I’m contrary like that. I joined an audiobook group for more suggestions, and everyone is recommending Vampire Knitting Club. Vampires and knitting?! Two of my favorite things! I started it yesterday, and so far it is similar to other knitting cozies. But the intro made me laugh because the yarn shop is named Cardinal Woolsey’s. I figured that was a good sign.

Daughter of a Shepherd has a wonderful book shelf with all sorts of titles I would love to read. I settled on The Solace of Open Spaces since I can get it at the library.

Great, two books to read but nothing to listen to while knitting. I almost signed up for Scribd in desperation. Our library does have a download service through Libby, but I’m not finding much that I want to listen to there. Or the search function isn’t great. Any tips?

Today is Saturdate, and in need of something to look forward to since we don’t follow sports or anything like that, Bob and I are having movie theme weekends. This weekend is John Cusack. We are watching Grosse Pointe Blank and Say Anything. I have a feeling next weekend’s theme will be Lili Taylor in a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon unspoken rule, as she has a great role in Say Anything. I hope so, because then my choice for next weekend will be Mystic Pizza.

I lost 5 pounds last month. I jogged at intervals yesterday while walking, which is so exciting because I love jogging. I will have to be careful not to push it or I will hurt myself.

OKC (obligatory knitting content): I have been focusing on Arachne. I look forward to posting my YOP (Year of Projects) update tomorrow.

I am missing Nova Scotia. Tonight Highland Village has their 59th Annual Highland Village Day concert. You can watch it on YouTube. I told Bob we will have to have a concert intermission between John Cusack movies. Seed Savers Exchange is also having a benefit concert tonight. It’s not free, though. We may have picked the wrong weekend to start movie themes.

What are you doing this weekend?

11 thoughts on “Saturday Words

  1. Thank you for the booklist mention. I have the same problem- finding things to listen to while knitting. I have one more podcast episode, but I’ll be going looking on Libby for a new audiobook today.

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  2. I’ve been thinking of borrowing some audiobooks from my library using the Hoopla app that they use. I’m craving a book but have knitting to accomplish too.
    I love Grosse Pointe Blank. Enjoy your movie weekend:)
    We are planning a fast food lunch out. The menfolk want Chick Fil A.

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  3. I love listening to Dickens! I don’t love reading him, but listening is great! Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology was also a great listen….who knew! I need to go check out Ravelry…haven’t been in awhile, need to see what all the hub bub is about!

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  4. What am I doing this weekend? driving home from the Maine coast (with a stop to kayak in New Hampshire along the way), and tomorrow laundry, clean out camper, catch up on e-mail, etc. Hopefully get out a blog post, as well – I have a lot to post about the week in Maine. And I have a pair of socks going, more than one and a half socks done so far – but they’re unlikely to get finished with so much else to do!

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  5. I love John Cusack, I’ve always loved him in his films but even as a person he and I are very politically like minded. I had a worn out copy of Grosse Pointe Blank on VHS and think I replaced it with a DVD copy, I will have a look this week. I just watched him play a serial murderer the other day in a movie with Nicholas Cage, I forget the name but saw he was in it and watched it.
    I’m uncomfortable with the whole social justice warrior fight against Ravelry, but I do get headaches using the new view (yet don’t normally have headaches). I am using the classic view and spending a lot of time on it browsing Tinna’s mosaic patterns and colours people have used. The whole situation is uncomfortable now and I feel sure there could be a better dialogue on both sides.
    Our libraries are still closed and I still have a book on my bedside table I borrowed in February and still haven’t read it. I can’t concentrate on audiobooks either so only listen to podcasts now.

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  6. I love John Cusack movies too! Especially Grosse Point Blank – such a good movie 🙂
    Also, thank you for telling me about Vampire Knitting Club. I just finished my last new book, so I think it will be coming soon to a Nook near me!

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