Coffee Filter is Go

First fabric coffee filter

This is my first fabric coffee filter. I wanted to test it out before I made more. It works great! I used this pattern. I also used their fabric, but you could use a cotton muslin. I didn’t have any. I also didn’t have any paper filters to trace since I was using the muslin bags, which I don’t recommend. Not cleaning out the muslin bags was motivation number one for me to get a move on for this project.

I know Sarah is moving, but is there any desire for a virtual Skype knit? I miss the company of knitters.

23 thoughts on “Coffee Filter is Go

  1. I’m the wrong time zone I suspect but if it wasn’t too late here I could join. I have plans on Saturday, going to a friends to watch Belladrum 3 day festival we should have been going to but they are doing a virtual concert on Saturday so that’s exciting. We are going to sit on campchairs in her garden and watch it. Every other day for the next few weeks I’m free.

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    1. Does Sunday work for you? What would be a good time? Like 11AM my time is 5PM your time, right? And then I think Marilee could also join, but it would be 8AM, so that may be a tad early for her.


  2. I’ll think of you all knitting together while apart – I also miss knitting in company (although I am getting together one at a time with other Quaker Knitting Goddesses) but I don’t have internet at home so don’t do Skype/Facetime/Zoom stuff.

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  3. I notice no one’s commented on the coffee filter, being all gung-ho on knitting together! I’m not a coffee drinker, so I don’t get it – why more fabric filters if you don’t want to clean out the muslin bags?

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