I don’t have an FO to show you today, so instead enjoy the yarn collection Disappointing Pet Names from Countess Ablaze.

Yesterday I knit on Arachne, my second Pride sock, and my purple bandaner in the spirit of Thorsday three, though I was too immersed in Wild Wild Country to blog about it. Have you seen this show on Netflix?

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the new WordPress editor. I keep changing it back to classic in the hope the new one will go away. Do not want.

12 thoughts on “Fridee

  1. I agree on WordPress – the last time they had me try a new edition, I had to e-mail them to get someone to tell me how to revert! So I’m not even trying this one – it’s good to know I’m doing the right thing!

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  2. I use the mobile version of WordPress on my phone. The latest update to that is ok but not great. I haven’t checked the new desktop version. I hated the new old version ages ago and never went back to using the desktop version.
    I haven’t watched at one on Netflix. I’ll add it to my list:)

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  3. I’m ok with the new WordPress editor so far. I’m still using original style Ravelry as that is still not good for me. I’m taking a break from weaving at this exact moment, I haven’t knit since my new loom arrived. I want to finish my 2 tea towels on the loom before my Sunday post. I was thinking of having weaving Wednesdays but we shall see. I like routines but do get distracted.

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  4. So I keep hearing about the new version of WordPress – but I haven’t noticed anything different, is this the block editor? I think when I joined in January I might have signed on to be a beta tester or something since I haven’t seen any changes.

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