I finished my sock! Hans asked me if he could try it on, and I said no, it is too small for him. Then I offered to knit him a pair of socks, and he said he would think about it.

This yarn really is a dream. It’s TurtlePurl What Does It Mean. I tried to cast on the second sock in a similar place in the dyeing. I hope it will be close to the first, but it doesn’t have to match exactly.

This morning I pulled out my violin with the intent to tune it. I haven’t picked it up in a few years. I popped the E string, but I’ve decided to devote 15 minutes a day to practicing. I have to restring it first! Strings are ordered and on the way.

My boys will all be here for dinner today! I hope you are having a nice Sunday.

12 thoughts on “woo

  1. Your sock looks great. I love knitting socks on magic loop with Lykke needles too (I think that is the needle you are using). I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the violin. Perhaps you will inspire me to get my trumpet or banjo out.

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    1. Yes these are Lykke needles. They are wonderful and also handmade and fair trade. Win win! We will see how I do with the fiddle, but I am determined. I used to play the piano as well. I would love to hear you play the banjo or trumpet! I think we should all be making and enjoying music at home.

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  2. Cute sock, I hope you manage to get a 2nd that’s close enough for your liking, I know when I made my husband’s pairfect pair I did a lot of ripping out and they still weren’t identical! But since then I’m way more relaxed about it. How cool you are musical too, there’s no end to your talents. 😀

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