This is my yarn closet and my sewing corner in my office. All my yarn and fabric fit in that narrow closet, but not all my fiber. I have two big tubs of fiber — mostly wool — in the hallway outside. Don’t judge me. Or do, I don’t mind. I have an art show in 14 months. I’m sure I will use most of it up. I have angora and silk as well — the angora from my old bunnies. What will I make?

Bob and I went to downtown Newark for gluten-free pizza for Saturdate! 2020. What a year!

We liked the face on this building. Green Man? Gargoyle?

Heel flap time on my Pride sock! I’d better get knitting if I’m going to finish these by July 1. Not likely, if I’m honest.

I just finished reading The Mirror & the Light by Hillary Mantel, the final book in the Thomas Cromwell series. It has been criticized as having too many words, but each word is so delicious, I didn’t mind savoring it.

I watched the fox kits in our back yard last night. I was worried about them getting enough food, they seem so skinny, until they rustled up some vermin from the compost pile. Human-Fox symbiosis! Their den is under our barn.

6 thoughts on “Saturyay

  1. I’m glad you have more than fits in your closet. You need plenty of supplies for your art show. You need options!
    Your sock is fabulous!! They’ll be done when they’re done. No rush.
    We have a vermin issue in our yard:( I wish we had some foxes to deal with it.

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  2. It must be so exciting to be setting up your new office and craft area. I had thought you meant New Jersey Newark yesterday when I saw your picture on Instagram, but then saw it’s another one. Clearly I forgot about Covid for a few seconds. That gargoyle has big ears!

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  3. They will keep the bunnies and voles in check! Love your crafty space, and your closet is neat as a pin, with you yarn showing enough for you to grab the tote you want. I’m betting country life suits you perfectly. 🙂

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