I swing in the hammock chair and watch birds.

Other than work, I’m not doing much. I knit a few rows on Deschain here and I’m knitting a heel flap on my Pride sock there. I did plant a small veg and herb garden, and a few flowers. I’ve had to clean up after deer and what is probably a raccoon digging up my beds and pots. But they left it alone last night. A morning of respite! And a fog rolled in.

One tomato and the pepper are still getting over the trauma of being dug up by critters. Twice! I brought the lemon balm, sage, mint, and blackberry from my old garden.

I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blogs. This weekend I will show you my yarn closet!

8 thoughts on “Friyay

  1. What is the first image of?????? My veggies are up on the second story porch. Fireman is negative about their growing there.
    Im positive! No one can eat them up there! I do have to chase them around during the day to get them all the sunshine that I can, but I’m here. .Why not? Its my giving garden

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  2. I’m sure even though you’ve transplanted the mint and lemon balm from your old house to new the new owners still find they have it there too. They are the herbs that keep giving. I wonder if I’d get motion sickness in a hammock, but I love the idea of one and a front porch. All sounds wonderful.

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