Yellow House in the Woods

New front porch, my happy place!

We spent all week moving. The new house is set up and the old one is empty. Today is “do nothing day” before we go back to work.

I moved my planter boxes and have a small garden in the front of the house with a couple of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and some herbs. The big terraced garden in the back needs to be landscaped, and I hope we can get that done this summer so we can plant it next spring.

On the second night in the house, we had fox kits in the back yard. Here’s a video Bob took.

In addition to moving, this week we had a storm, lost power, and had a scare with the well water. It turns out all we needed was a new filter. We tested the water and everything is fine. I told Bob we should start a podcast: “Two renters from the city buy a house in the country.”

I haven’t knit a stitch this week. Maybe I will work on my Pride sock today.

12 thoughts on “Yellow House in the Woods

  1. Congratulations on being settled! There is a learning curve to living in the country:) I love the video of the fox babies! Our first morning in Maine (eons ago) we opened the blinds to find a fox just walking by. After living only in the suburbs it was a shock. Not as shocking as the day a moose with a full rack walked between my car and the one behind me when I was waiting at the gate to enter the base. In my rear view mirror I only saw legs! It was huge! Watch out for those;)

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  2. How wonderful this looks! Fox kits are adorable, but keep your cats inside!! Do you have a lot of space for garden, etc, and did I see a barn in the background?! You’ll enjoy knitting here, I feel certain. 🙂

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  3. I cannot wait to see more of this yellow cozy home. Fox kits are adorable!!! They will move one quickly I bet. If you have never heard them screaming in the night, it is a bit alarming. They sound like a witch screaming. But it is neat nonetheless.
    Moving is very tiring. SO so much to do, but so exciting as well!

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