Quiet Knitting

I’ve been quietly working on Deschain. I’ve finished the front according to the pattern, but I think I’m going to add another pattern repeat. Even with blocking this may be too cropped for me. What do you think?

If I do another pattern repeat, I may have to forego the sleeves, unless I buy more yarn. I think this tee with no sleeves would be fine, though. Or shorter sleeves.

The lace pattern is Shale. It’s a very easy lace pattern that I’m enjoying knitting. Maybe I will make a Shale shawl in the future.

This linen yarn from Quince and Co is a dream. I have enjoyed all their yarns so far. I’m glad I have this to knit because suddenly it’s summer. How did that happen? Cold, cold, cold, cold, WHOMP, hot!

10 thoughts on “Quiet Knitting

  1. I say whatever you have to do to love your finished tee is the right thing to do: make it longer, no sleeves, shorter sleeves, order more yarn! Do what will make you happy with your project:)
    We had a couple of warm days (one was 90!) and now we are back into the 50’s. Warm returns tomorrow.

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    1. Me too, I have a Pooh bear tum. But I’ve realized it will look good cropped over my loose linen dresses. So I’ve decided to leave it. I guess I can always lengthen it later if I don’t like it.


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