Today I’m mending Bob’s pants. They were too long to begin with — which is why they were fraying — but not so long I could turn up the hem twice after cutting. I used bias tape instead. I’m not sure where I picked up this trick, probably from Grandma. Now Bob’s favorite pants are good as new! Better, because they are the correct length.

I love mending because it’s very zen and I don’t have to follow instructions. I also love making something damaged like new, and reusing, and saving money! And I gotta pay for this sewing machine, right?

Do you mend? Do you darn your knitting? I’ve never been very good at darning. I need more practice.

16 thoughts on “Mending

  1. I’d mend oh so lovingly if I could have my Singer Prelude working again. Not that there’s anything in need of mending. I recently ordered lots of new fabrics and lovely patterns, then my machine died two days ago. I think it’s the motor. Purchased in 2005 and used less than a handful of times to make a family reunion quilt, it sat in a closet until family members asked if I would make masks–lots and lots of masks for our large family. The love of sewing revived itself and I made plans to sew some of my own clothing again, along with aprons for loved ones. Service will cost as much as a new machine, but of course there are no machines to be had in the US of A. So, here I sit, trying not to let envy derail me to a dark place. LOL.

    Your machine looks lovely. You’re rather adept at mending pants.

    Be well.

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  2. Oh, yes, I mend. Anything to stretch the life of a garment – especially as I sew most of my clothes. And mend for others when on the road; have sewing machine, will travel!

    I usually find a way to reknit rather than darn, an example being the socks for which I knit new toes a few weeks ago, posted as “Old Toes, New Toes”

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  3. Thanks for the photos demonstrating what you meant. I’ve not used bias tape for anything so wasn’t sure until I downloaded the photos. Well the hole in my husband’s jeans is now so big he is letting me have them to try to make something with. We both wear things until they fall apart and both have clothes that shouldn’t be worn in public they are so old but nothing ever seems to need mending. His have literally worn away to such a fine fabric on the backside and crotch the denim material is see through! He finds it hard to throw out empty deodorant bottles that may have one drop of liquid left in them so him getting to the point of saying goodbye to an item is a real challenge.

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  4. Thanks for the photo demonstration! I definitely mend things when there’s wear left in them. I also darn knitting when possible. Sometimes when mending isn’t possible I repurpose the cloth to something else – usually a cat bed or cleaning rags if it won’t work for anything else 🙂

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  5. This was so interesting! I don’t have much mending talent, but most of my pants are OK to have frayed hems, so that is OK. I will try to be better at mending, as I try not to buy new things.

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