Sunday Sewing and Survey

I finished my black linen lantern skirt!

On the downside, it’s too big. I have to wear it on my hips. On the upside, I can wear a stretchy tank top with it and not have muffin top. And it looks great with my tie dye duster!

I suppose I can take it apart and down a size if it bothers me. Right now, though, I’m happy to have finished something. And it’s always possible I may gain more weight, although I hope not.

Pants: A Survey

I need help deciding which pants to make. I have some navy stretch cotton twill and some gray cotton twill. These are the contenders:

Seamwork Nolan, from my previous post. High waisted mom jeans. They are in style and I know they will be comfortable.

Seamwork Callahan. Wide-legged high waisters. I probably wouldn’t top stitch the creases. Trendy and comfortable but would not transition into fall.

Ottobre Cargo Pants. Less trendy. More flattering for my mature figure. Would probably be able to wear them for more seasons.

Please leave your vote in the comments and please just vote for one! And thank you for voting.

Sunday is my day to blog about what I’m thankful for. So Sunday Grace today includes: Bob surprised me with coffee and breakfast in bed this morning, we are both still working, all the kids are healthy, and we live in an era where we can do so much remotely. It really is a marvel.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing and Survey

  1. I’d definitely go for comfort over fashion so the last option would be my choice. So long se your skirt won’t fall down I’d just keep it as it is. It looks great on its own and with the tie dye bit.

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  2. Your skirt is super cute! I say don’t fix it until it won’t stay up:)
    I like the cargo pants the best. My preference is always for something more classic than trendy. I believe in building a closet full of clothes that mix and match for all seasons. Do I have that? Mostly but not as much as I’d like:)

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  3. Comfort, comfort, comfort!!

    I like the drape of the skirt. And you shouldn’t have to take it apart to make it smaller – I don’t know how it’s constructed, but darts at the waist, maybe?

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  4. That skirt! ❤ I hope you'll never take it apart.
    Trends come and go, so I choose something that I'd love to wear whenever I want. Tough choice between the Nolan and the cargo pants, but since you ask for only one vote, I think it'll have to be the cargo pants for me.

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