Gooood Friday

Interweave has a new podcast called Knitting Nerdcast. Knitting podcasts aren’t usually my thing. I’ve tried and I can’t get into them. But this one is my jam. Check it out! I am definitely going to try Outlander again, for the knitting. (I will look the other way during the steamy scenes because they embarrass me.) They talk about combination knitting in this episode, because that’s how they knit in Gilead. That’s also how they knit in Kenya. I couldn’t remember what it was called when I was there, so we called it Kenyan knitting.

I signed up for Daily Om’s Yoga for Empaths. It’s basically yoga that focuses on grounding. Day 1 was a little challenging, but what Day 1 isn’t challenging? I feel better and it was crazy inexpensive for 21 days of yoga practice, journaling prompts, and recipes.

con-alma-124(Photo copyright Kate Davies.)

My favorite designer in the whole wide world has a new pattern out today. I love the orange, but I’m going to make it in Tarbet blue. That’s my happy color.

milarrochy-new-shades-06-copy(Photo copyright Kate Davies.)

Did I purchase yarn for another project? Yes. Yes I did. I am also going to look for some fabric — I will check my stash first — to make a button down shirt. I may dress up like Kate Davies for Halloween, or every day.

Or, I will dye my hair black and circle my eyes in black eyeliner and dress up like Noel Fielding. I’m pretty sure we were separated at birth and I want him to be my best friend. But for real, all I need is a furry neon jumper to wear with some skinny jeans and pointy boots.

Or I will wear my Arachne sweater with a rhinestone spider pin for Halloween. Yeah, probably that.

12 thoughts on “Gooood Friday

  1. Haha have you only come to know Noel from Great British Bake Off or have you seen The Mighty Boosh series. He and Russell Brand used to be paired as a team in the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, they were hilarious together. Perhaps there’s clips on YouTube. Did you see Richard Dreyfus on Great British bake off? He things Noel is a vampire 🧛‍♂️. I’ve not knit any of Kate’s patterns. This seems a good one for warmer weather.

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    1. I used to watch Mighty Boosh with my boys and I always said Vince was my spirit animal. I didn’t watch British Bake Off until I heard he was on it. But once I started watching I went back and watched the older ones. Still, Noel and Sandy are my favorite. I haven’t seen the one with Richard Dreyfus yet. I really want to see the Derry Girls one! My son Henry introduced me to Big Fat Quiz and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. We have the same sense of humor.

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      1. Oh yes I love 8 out of 10 cats does countdown too. Sandy is leaving Bake Off next year but she’s being replaced by Matt Lucas (from Little Britain). Matt is number one in the UK with his song Baked Potato 🥔!

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  2. You made me smile multiple times reading this post! I love your blue yarn, it’s gorgeous. I pushed the button on a fabric order today, the full line of Edyta Sitar’s Super Bloom. I’m going to have to find someone who wants fat quarters!

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