Hi Mom!

My Mom reads my blog and she asked me if I would knit her a gray cardigan. Of course I said yes! I’m going to knit a swatch out of this gray Woolfolk Far to see if she likes the fabric and if it is soft enough. (It’s pretty darn soft!)


I found this cardigan, Franka, which I would love to knit. Look at all that stockinette!

What do you think, Mom? Do you like it? You can tell me next time I talk to you on the phone. I’ll mail you a swatch and print out some pics, too.

14 thoughts on “Hi Mom!

  1. I love that she reads your blog! I think I sent my mom the link back when I first started blogging, but I don’t think she keeps up with it, and that’s okay too. This will be an awesome sweater!

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  2. My dad reads my blog now, he’s signed up via email so he gets the posts right to his email box. My mum prefers not to have me in her life. It warms my heart to hear about other mums though 😀. I hope your mum loves her cardigan when it’s finished.

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  3. I think that pattern would look awesome on most people and will be comfort knitting for you with all that stockinette.
    I write my blog for my mom as she doesn’t live by me, but wants to know what I do each day:)

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