Saffron Cowl

Happy Sunday, Blogville! I hope you are all healthy and happy and enjoying your time at home. Are you knitting a lot? I haven’t had much time or energy for knitting, but I did finish my saffron cowl.

I love the look on Henry’s face in the second image.

I can’t say it was a very satisfying knit, but it was simple and it’s warm and comforting to wear. I’m ready to start an equally simple, warm, and comforting hat to match. Mmm… stockinette.

It was a rough week for me, as I’m sure it has been challenging for many. At work, we made the decision to close our stores temporarily. It was the right decision but a stressful one to make. We have remote projects that need to be done, so staff will have work and be paid. We also gave everyone an additional two weeks PTO should they need it.

Quarantine is not a big deal for me as I’m an introvert and work from home all the time anyway.

I did a little sketching today and it served to remind me why I don’t often sketch. I don’t enjoy it and I’m always disappointed with the results. I am trying to reframe my drawing as a process to work out design problems, as I learned at Vogue Knitting. I can apply that to any medium.

Kate Davies is having a design contest for Milarrochy Tweed. This time it is neckware. I would love to submit something, even if it’s just an exercise to design something, make it, and submit it without further expectation. The theme is “My Place”. I thought I could make a cowl version of my Birds of Blendon Hat.

Henry moves into his own place this week with a friend. That leaves Hans at home, and he is with his Dad half the time. They are leaving the nest! They all have birthdays in March but it was pretty low key this year. We did go to Bakersfield for tacos and margs on Harald’s birthday (my oldest.)

Mexican Coke for Hans.

What are you knitting? And what are you watching? We are watching Devs on Hulu — really good — and I started Valhalla Murders on Netflix. I love me some moody Scandi crime dramas. It was a diversion tactic to keep me from watching Shetland a third time.

11 thoughts on “Saffron Cowl

  1. What am I knitting? Classic Gansey Cardigan sweater – Interweave Knits Fall ’18. It’s an interesting knit, with an Italian yarn that’s a delight to use. Complete up to armpits, and all of the back; next are the two fronts – but I need to dig more yarn out of the camper, where it’s already loaded for the next trip. When I need a break from it, I’ve started a pink lace cap to use up stash.

    Watching? I’m not. Don’t have TV, don’t have internet at home. I’m listening to NPR, or nothing.

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    1. I listen to my local NPR station every day during the week while I’m working: news in the morning and on the hour, and music the rest of the day. It’s my only news. On the weekend Bob and I watch movies and shows together.

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  2. Happy Birthday to your babies:)
    I haven’t been knitting my sock but I chastise myself multiple times a day for wasting this guilt free knitting time.
    Our cable company (Comcast) has offered CuriosityStream for free (along with other channels) so we are watching The Celts. It’s very interesting and I’m learning lots:)

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  3. I am knitting! I am finding that the small needles don’t bother too much, so I knit a row, stop and stretch, do the exercises, then something else, and in an hour I can come back and knit again!!!!🎉🎈

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  4. I have been knitting mindless things. That’s it. I’ve been sitting doing nothing more than anything. Or baking. I’m too distracted for anything that involves thought. I wish knitting would take my mind off of things, but it isn’t working right now.

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  5. Your cowl looks great – very cozy and bright! Happy birthday to your boys! Are you excited about them flying the coop? Glad the situation at your work is such that no one had to be laid off and you can work from home. As a fellow introvert, I absolutely get the pluses on that!

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  6. Is the giant straw an optical illusion or are my eyes finally losing their mind?

    I keep skirting Valhalla Murders because there’s just too much violence in our entertainment. Too much graphic violence, gratuitous sex and foul language cannot make up for bad writing and acting. And sadly, most of the violence is against women. I’ve been re-watching shows that actually entertain.

    I do like that cowl.

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