The Outer Limits (of my mind)

I don’t know about you, friends, but I feel stretched to my limits. I am no longer capable of further complexity in my life. I made a silly mistake on my Farmhouse Cardigan and had to rip it out. I began some Wide Legged Pants only to be confounded by taping the pattern pieces together. It is important during these troubled times to recognize your limits, be gentle with yourself, and reach for what comforts you.

I decided patterns are a no go right now (although I wouldn’t turn down an oatmeal raisin cookie) and cast on a simple cowl. This is Knitpicks Swish Bulky in Saffron from my stash. It was a FibreShare gift. Sweet simple hygge bliss. I will make a hat to match! (And call him George and hug him and pet him…)

Why do we have a large hunk of quartz in our house? I think it was here when we moved in. Maybe it was meant to be a doorstop? It has migrated to the living room.

If you’ve watched a lot of Time Team, as I have, you will remember they find early medieval church altars made from quartz. Was this because it was believed to hold special properties? Was it because it was readily available and shiny? Did it raise the spiritual energy of the congregation? Do you believe quartz holds special metaphysical properties? I think I do believe it, as do many people of different cultural backgrounds. So what is the significance of this chunk of quartz in our house? Is it clearing out bad vibes?

Ooommmmm. I know you probably can’t tell what I’m doing, but it’s a face plant on quartz. There are definitely some weird things afoot at my house, and not just yours truly needing a mental clearing.

What’s bending our forks? Poltergeist?Misdirected quartz vibrations? Teenagers eating ice cream? (Or… aliens?)

I stopped by my LYS to show my support in these times of economic uncertainty. (It had nothing to do with me needing yarn therapy I assure you.) I did my patriotic duty and picked up the knitting game I’ve wanted since Christmas, plus yarn to match for good measure. It’s such a happy blue. Maybe another simple cowl and hat is in my future. At least there is some certainty to be found in knitting.

10 thoughts on “The Outer Limits (of my mind)

  1. Quartz is clever stuff, when I watched a show about how in ye oldie days they used the vibrations from quartz to make accurate timekeepers (watches/clocks) then it seems like it must have some magic. Nowadays I doubt kids even know about that, they don’t even own watches as they use phones….I wonder if phones have it in. It’s clever stuff.

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  2. You know I’ve got a few forks in my drawer that look like that. I suspect they’re being used for unintended purpose like helping to open a stuck lid.
    I think we are all reaching out emotional overload limit. My best suggestion is to spend an evening hunkered down at home watching something comforting on TV. This is a great time for bingeing Harry Potter or the Die Hard trilogy. Whatever takes you away from real life for a bit:)

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  3. That orange yarn is so cozy looking. I almost smell cinnamon just looking at it. I love Knitting the card game, and I hope you like it too. I wish I could play long distance with you. Great yarn to match the game too. I’m pretty sure your forks are possessed and the only way to fix them is to buy more yarn.

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  4. Your lovely new orange cowl and hat ( and the blue one too) look so cheery and cozy! I am with you about the stressiness around right now. Hang on your knitting and your quartz! I agree with Sarah that the power of new yarn will unbend and dispossess demon forks. Since you are already doing your patriotic duty at the yarn stores… a little more won’t hurt!
    The quartz chunk made me smile, because my Dad was always giving me interesting rocks, most of them pretty considerable chunks of rock. Many of them are also quartz. One day many years from now, they may be confusing to others too – I kind of hope so!

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  5. Ohh this is unexceptionally fun post for me ! WE have a rock river bed that is dry and it has many interesting stones from another place and another time we are told. I can show you A HUGE piece of quartz in our woods. Zach gave Fireman a quart thing to hand on your rear view mirror. As soon as it bumped the windshield , we tied it up closer.. So we don’t crack that windshield!!

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