A Week in One Day

Sock it to me Monday

I started a sock! I decided if I don’t like knitting socks and everyone else does, then I’m probably not doing it right! I cast on a Blogville favorite, Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I am using some gorgeous Arrowhead Fibers Basic Sock from my stash, in Wintergreen. I started on two circulars as the pattern suggested, but switched to Magic Loop, which is slightly less stressful. There’s still a lot of needle flopping going on, but compared to stitch dropping on double points, maybe it’s ok? I’m knitting short socks for clogs and modified the ribbing. Keep me in your socky thoughts and knitty prayers.

Wednesday WIPs

I received the Chinook Fleece Artist in Jewel, my main color for Whit’s Foursquare Cowl. I cast on! This yarn is so soft and I think the colorways are perfect together. The variegated is my Celtic Colours yarn. This is a comforting and simple knit.

I cast on my Farmhouse Cardi in Black Welsh Mountain. This yarn has some VM in it. (That’s vegetable matter to us laymen.) I don’t mind picking it out. It reminds me this yarn is not far from the farm. It’s nice and squishy.

Still knitting on this Shetland Tweed Throw when I need something simple and chunky.

Friday FO

Oh yes I did! I finished my Seamwork Billie. It looks like PJs. It feels like PJs! It was a fun make. Next time I’ll pick a fabric that doesn’t make me wish I had a little red cowboy hat on.

Spooky Knitalong

Quiteayarnblog and mildlygranola are starting a knitalong for the Arachne sweater next month. I’m intrigued (or have FOMO) and if I frog and forget about The Oa, I could use this Cascade Sport. I could make a purple Arachne with green web, or a gray Arachne with charcoal web. I’m leaning toward gray because I’m boring that way. I have just under the needed yardage, so I’m not positive I’ll do it. I still love The Oa, but if I were going to knit it, wouldn’t I be further along by now?

Yes, there is purple in my hair.

13 thoughts on “A Week in One Day

  1. I love the purple in your hair! What dye did you use? I’ve been thinking it would be fun to add a bit of color to mine:)
    You will love the sock knitting! You just have to find your method:)
    I am tempted to knit Arachne too. My stash is missing a good sport weight. I’m debating what to do. I really shouldn’t be spending money when I have tons of yarn. Maybe I’ll mull it over some more:)

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    1. Me too! It’s not easy to find a sport weight yarn that is next to the skin soft. I also want to knit Arachne in angora or something retro. But I would probably not enjoy that and the web might not show up. I used a semi-permanent hair color from Sally’s Beauty Supply called Arctic Fox. It’s the first time I’ve used it. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

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  2. I hope you like socks. I’ve made one pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks, but I found them too fiddley to be mindless. I really only like making socks that I can knit after two glasses of red wine. The cowl is going to be great. The cardigan will be wonderful – I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a second one next year.The blanket looks great. Your romper looks incredibly comfortable and I might have to send you a red cowboy hat. I would love it if you would join us in the KAL. We can all wear our sweaters when we go on our Blogville cruise.

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  3. Love the purple in your hair – it is beautiful! All of your projects look wonderful! Hope you enjoy sock knitting – it took me a while to warm up to it too, but now really enjoy it. I really hope you join us for Arachne!

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