All the Updates


I thought you might enjoy seeing the pattern I picked out for my plaid flannel fabric.


I’m pretty excited about it. If I like it for winter in plaid flannel, I’ll make a linen one for summer.

Will I try to match the plaid, or will I funkily mismatch it? Probably the latter but I’ll have to see how it looks.

My orchid is blooming again. Apparently I’m good at orchids now. Who knew? Maybe I’ll try ferns again this summer. I have been a notorious fern killer.

I’m in a bit of a dither with knitting and not sure what to do next. I was going to knit a hat out of recycled t-shirt yarn as a sample for our artisan partners in Kenya, but it sounds like they will be banning the import of used clothing soon. Good on you, Kenya! We’ll figure out products that will support their textile economy. They are having a wool renaissance like we are, so maybe that will work out.

Maybe I’ll finish up the two remaining Tread hats, and then start Winter’s Fern. What knitting will I take with me to Kenya? Maybe the Jessica Jones cowl?

I adjusted my meds so I am now back on a low dose of one med (instead of two) that I take at night. It was good to get off them completely to see what my baseline is and readjust, and better for me physically. The side effects were killing me.

This pic is for my Mom. Hi Mom! I got my hair cut recently and I asked them to take my photo. They took me back to a little studio area where they do glamour shots. I started looking around for props. I would’ve taken someone down for a feather boa!

6 thoughts on “All the Updates

  1. Alissa, you look beautiful, happy and relaxed; your eyes sparkle! 😀 I would match the plaid going around the main skirt and put it on the bias for the lantern. I think that would look really cool. Matching is time consuming, but not too bad on a skirt if you have enough fabric. Whatever you decide will be great!

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  2. Great haircut!!! wow. Looks how I want mine to look, not sculpted but fun. I am telling you all the same thing today: when I go to your bookmark on my computer I get a very old post. I don’t know why the most current post doesn’t come up. I have to refresh until I get it. HELP!!!

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  3. That plaid fabric is stunning and so very eye catching! Your last comment about the boa gave me a good laugh! I hope you take lots of pictures on your travels to Kenya. I would love to see them. Such a beautiful country!

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