I am the Twilight

And JoJo is The Night.

I conquered my social anxiety and went to my LYS’s holiday party. It was fun and I got to chat with fellow Harry Potter nerds. There was a dirty Santa gift exchange and I “stole” this yarn.

I almost felt bad but it was the only yarn I liked, and I figured that’s what a Gryffindor would do. (And according to Pottermore, that’s what I am.)

I have a sudden desire to knit a Gryffindor hat.

13 thoughts on “I am the Twilight

    1. It’s a White Elephant gift exchange where everyone brings a wrapped gift and when it’s your turn you can open on from the lot or steal one that someone else has already opened. Because it was at my LYS the gift was to be “project oriented” and everyone brought yarn. I think the girl who got my yarn wasn’t happy with it and I almost stole it back from her, but I wasn’t sure if it was allowed!

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