Merry Knitmas!

I started on my Twilight Toujours. This is my holiday knit.

Bob got me the December 2019 Harry Potter Yarn from Forbidden Fibers. I’m so geeked out! The hank is Hogsmeade and it’s gorgeous.

He also got me a gift certificate for Fairlight Fibers. I’m going to save it for something special.

He also gifted me the Fibershed book, which was something I wanted, and The Book of Gutsy Women, which he picked out for me. ❤️

We’ve had a lovely day. We played games with the boys all morning and now we’re relaxing and watching movies. I hope you’re having a wonderful day with family and fiber arts!

PS: The new episode of The Just Craft podcast is up!

8 thoughts on “Merry Knitmas!

  1. Two of us sitting knitting in company with other family members, from as far as CA and MD, to CT and VT. Eating salmon shortly, for Christmas dinner, followed by cream puffs, which has become (in only two years!) our Christmas tradition.

    I was gifted with more yarn for Christmas than I knitted for gifts, so the stash is moving in the wrong direction! But I can’t look gift yarn in the ? (mouth equivalent) and it is beautiful stuff – and my nephew gave me yarn in Baltimore Ravens purple to knit him socks to keep his tootsies warm at football games! Next year –

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