See You on the Weekender!

I have an idea! What if we- this online knitting community – met up for a knitting holiday somewhere! We could plan and save and in a couple of years go on one of these Stitchtopia Knitting Holidays! Or some other one. It doesn’t have to be theirs. What do you think? Doable? Or worst idea ever?

Also, mildlygranola, I want my project bag. 😁

17 thoughts on “See You on the Weekender!

      1. That British Isles cruise docks at Invergordon, only 14 miles from my house 😂 . I love the idea of a Baltic one, especially ones that stop at St Petersburg. But there seems lots of options which is great. I see the Shetland one is sold out, that’s on my list to visit one day. It’s an overnight ferry so while we have the dog we haven’t been….but one day.

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