Thankful Thursday… on Friday

Well my week got away from me and I missed my Thankful Thursday post. I am thankful for so much in my life. I am truly lucky.

But today I’d like to express my gratitude for this online knitting community. It has really meant so much to me to get to know each of you via your blog. And there have been some days when it has kept me knitting and making, which brings me joy. So thank you.

I went to my LYS today for an hour or so of Open Stitch. It was well-attended by a lovely group of regulars. I am hoping I might become a regular, too.

Do you have a regular knitting group you attend? I would love to hear about it.

13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday… on Friday

  1. Not too many folks knit around here, not in groups, and there’s certainly no LYS around! 🙂 I keep a book or podcast as knitting company, and fall back to the online community for chatting about my updates occasionally. Works for me!
    Hope you enjoy your group!

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  2. I agree completely, I too am sooooo grateful to have found this online knitting community. My blog post this Sunday will have some info on a brand new yarn club I went along to. I helped one lady who wants to knit socks and helped another on a fair isle chart. 2 years ago I wouldn’t have had the courage, confidence or ability to knit with others there. But I love this online community.

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  3. I collect knitting groups! First there are my Quaker Knitting Goddesses – I see some subset of them every couple of months, and a few times a year we try to pull together a larger group. And it Depends what state I’m in – VT/NH, Mondays at one library, Wednesdays LYS (Six Loose Ladies, Chester, VT), Thursdays craft night with friends in town, including potluck, and if that’s not happening, LYS crafts Thurs. evenings as well. If in CT, Tues. and Wed. at two different libraries; I’ve been with this group for years. If in MD, library Friday afternoon. If in VA, Heathsville, Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern textile guilds host fiber crafting Friday mornings. Have travel, take knitting!

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  4. I agree – so glad to have found this online knitting community and to have gotten to know you and so many other knitter/crafters! I don’t belong to any IRL knitting groups – I keep thinking about it, but it just never quite works out. One of these days!

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  5. No knitting groups here. I’ve always been a solo knitter so I’m not sure how I’d manage in a group anyway. My new thing is knitting outside, in the woods (when it’s not winter, which it is now). Siberian jays, squirrels and reindeer keep me company 🙂

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