I Forgot to Tell You about the Food

Yesterday didn’t work out as planned. The sailing tours stopped mid-October, and only go out when they have a group booked (like tour buses and cruise ships).

We hiked the Uisge Ban Falls Trail instead, which was wonderful, after lunch at The Freight Shed in Baddeck.

This is my first lobster roll, which they graciously served to me on a gluten free bun. We haven’t had any trouble at restaurants finding accommodations for allergies, and there’s always a vegetarian option for Bob in addition to salad. Saturday I had gluten free fish cakes and sweet beans (baked beans) which is another traditional meal.

We are cooking most of our own meals at the Airbnb to save on cost and for convenience, but our few meals out have been very good. This will explain any pounds I’ve put on during my vacation, although we have also been hiking frequently.

Today our plan is to hike Skyline Trail, which is part of the Cabot Trail. I should have some lovely photos to share tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “I Forgot to Tell You about the Food

  1. It all looks so beautiful. I’ve only had lobster once, on the Isle of Mull. Allistar squeezed one of the legs like the waiter advised and a bit of lobster flesh went flying across the restaurant like a comedy sketch. Always makes me smile when I’m reminded of it. 😀

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  2. Oh how beautiful!! You are near Gander????
    I can’t hike for awhile. Im reading Death in the Grand Canyon. Its fascinating. seems the rule is to : Not be a single male who thinks they can take short cuts, Overestimate your water needs in the day and your warmth needs in the night. And don’t hike when the rangers tell you there will be rain and flash floods. I m risk averse… My husband wishes I was not reading this. But I AM!

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