A Questionnaire from Karen

Karen over at nothingbutknit posted this questionnaire about being “quirky”.

• Do you have any crafting rituals that you regularly follow? Do you have regular life rituals you follow? If you’d like to share the details feel free.

Crafting rituals… I have to finish a chart repeat and row before putting my knitting away. Everything other than what I am working on must be put away while crafting, especially sewing where I like to spread everything out. I sweep after my sewing project is finished, not during. If the threads start to pile up during I grab them with my hands. To me, sweeping is the sign I am finished.

Life rituals… I drink one cup of Fair Trade French press coffee every morning with 1/2 cup of scalded oat milk in it. I light incense before doing yoga. I try to go to the bathroom before working out or getting in the car. (You asked.)

• Do you consider yourself quirky? Does your quirkiness bleed into your crafting? Again, feel free to share details if you wish.

I guess I am quirky, although I might more accurately be called kooky (and have been). This definitely bleeds into my crafting as I will make something the artist in me thinks is fun, but the introvert in me will never wear.

• Do your rituals and/or quirks play into the crafts you do? Do you avoid certain crafts because of your quirks and/or rituals? Again include details if you wish.

I think I have some sensory issues and I avoid anything that gets my hands dirty. This includes working in clay, paint, meat (while cooking), and scum while cleaning. I also avoid cleaning because I am a perfectionist and once I start down that road it is a never ending rabbit hole of an unsatisfactory job. Luckily Bob does most of the cleaning. I am happy to do laundry, dishes, and I clean the bathroom (which disgusts me so I think I’m going to get some cleaning gloves.)

Life rituals? I wash my hands after everything!

My youngest son inherited this trait. When he was little he would cry when he got dirt on his hands. Dirt is the one thing that doesn’t bother me on my hands, as long as I am gardening. Also, if I spill something on my clothes, I change immediately. I can’t tolerate it. And I put some soap and water on it to try to keep whatever it is from staining. If I sweat in something I can’t wear it again until it is washed. Yep, quirky.

7 thoughts on “A Questionnaire from Karen

  1. You summed up my issues with cleaning. I have the urge to take everything out of a room, clean the room and then clean each thing as it goes back in. This isn’t practical so I ignore it all. My husband cleans when he’s angry, frustrated or has something to consider. I use this to my advantage;)
    You should wear whatever you make even if it’s more artsy than the introvert likes. It will make you brave:) Said by a most conservative dresser:(

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  2. You said “I will make something the artist in me thinks is fun, but the introvert in me will never wear.” I never realised this before you said it, but I’m exactly the same. I don’t really ever want to stand out from the crowd.

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  3. crafting rituals? Thats an interesting prompt! IF I am making sock just for me, and I make them start to finish without interrupting the yarn, I don’t weave the start or finish in. I Don’t know why . I figure they are for me!

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  4. In some ways we are alike and others not so much. I make things I’m too introverted to wear…I mean what if someone asks where I got it…eek! I’m definitely not a perfectionist at cleaning though, I’m a dust and hoover around things, the number of times I say to myself ‘that’ll do…time to craft’ 😂

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