Seamwork Makes the Dream Work

I found a free blouse pattern on Seamwork called York. I think it will be perfect for the Marauder’s Map fabric, and the bird fabric too!

Along with the pattern, they offer a Collection Planner for free. I’ve never approached my sewing and knitting this way, but I think I may spend some time with it. It makes sense to plan a wardrobe of pieces that work together.

The new Ottobre has a jeans pattern, and since I already have the denim fabric, I may use it. The Bootleg pattern I downloaded before is already too large for me.

Since I’ve been unwell I decided not to push it so I didn’t go to my studio to cut out the fabric. Maybe I’ll try for one night this week.

Did you craft on Labor Day?

5 thoughts on “Seamwork Makes the Dream Work

  1. I didn’t get to do any crafting today, a full day of work for me, first at the lodge, and then piano lessons. However, I have cleared the final batch of peppers out of the crisper drawer, so I am currently even on that score!


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