Down with Bad Stuff

I do not like summer. I have never liked summer. I don’t like the heat. I don’t like the break in routine. Summer makes me grumpy. Summertime is when I like to stay indoors in the AC and read and knit. Down with Summer.

Bob and I walked to the library yesterday and I browsed the knitting books, while also picking up more Tudor books. I can’t seem to get enough of the Tudors — fiction, nonfiction, audiobook, proper book, well written, badly written… it really does not matter. And what’s fascinating is every author has a different take on the subject!

Anyway, I enjoyed browsing the knitting books and bringing a few home, noncommittally. In the past, I would only check out the knitting books if I thought I could learn something from them or if there was a pattern inside that I wanted to knit. I was in my same old rut — looking through knitting books that I thought were pretty but would never knit anything out of — when I realized it was okay. It is totally fine to check out a knitting book, flip through it and enjoy the eye candy, and then return it. It’s even okay to do it intentionally! Down with self-limiting arbitrary rules!

“Protest Knits” has a very enjoyable Trump Pincushion crochet pattern, but I will never make it. Maybe I will make the Down with Bad Stuff water bottle holder!

I have a HUUUGE water bottle (see what I did there?) and I never take it hiking because it’s too darn big! But this would solve that problem and be fun, albeit rather vague.

I started my Blue Ribbon Beanie. It is a beautiful shade of deep cerulean Malabrigo DK. It’s 2X2 rib. I’m not sure how I will decrease at the top yet. Ribbing can be tricky to decrease.

Honestly, I started the beanie because I’ve lost the verve for my FIVE sweaters I have on the needles, and even Celtic Myths feels a little fussy right now. So I’ve fallen back on hat knitting just to try to stick with it.

I had to give up a few things this Summer. I gave up the herb business. It needed more than I could give. I gave up some of my blog subscriptions. I couldn’t keep up. But I only gave up on the ones where I felt there wasn’t a connection. I have had to give up pleasure eating and drinking wine and margaritas. I gained a lot of weight last year and even exercise couldn’t help me keep it off, so I signed up for Noom and am counting every calorie and even steps! I had to give up sewing for a while, until I no longer needed to use my studio as an office.

But I got my office back, which means I also got my studio back. I got to participate in an art show. I got my teeth cleaned today, which included a new toothbrush, floss, and props for excellent hygiene. I’ve lost 2 pounds in 5 days. My garden is producing scrumptious tomatoes. Up with good stuff, amiright?!

17 thoughts on “Down with Bad Stuff

  1. I like some things about summer. I like the lack of schedule. I need down time for longer than a weekend. I like the fruit and veg at the grocery store and farmers market. It tends to be the dregs in the winter.

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  2. I definitely enjoy perusing a good knitting, quilting, sewing, baking book with no plans whatsoever to make anything in them! Summer is a love-hate thing for me. I don’t like the hot, but I like the freedom to go camping and watching the garden grow. AC is definitely my friend on days like today when it hits 92!

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  3. I hope good things continue to go up with you! I don’t like the heat either. Finnish houses don’t normally have AC and after a few days of heat the houses are just as hot as the outside. It’s been very cool this summer so far, which I don’t mind at all. Luckily the continuous rain has stopped now and it’s really nice.

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  4. Summer is my least favourite season as we just don’t have a proper one where I live. I like snowy winters best. Did you watch Wolf Hall and The TudorsTV series. It seems you and your husband need a trip to the UK and visit Hampton Court Palace and other Tudor castles. At Thornbury Castle you can even stay the night in a bed chamber where Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn stayed the night! Sorry about your herb business.

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  5. Up with good stuff! I like to check out knitting books as eye candy too. I actually bought the Scottish Knits book from my library book sale because for $1 I couldn’t turn it down. There is nothing I’ll make from it, but I’m going to pretend like I might knit a crazy intense colorwork sweater eventually.

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  6. Up with the good stuff, yeah! 🙂 I too like going though artsy / crafty books while knowing I’ll not create anything from them! You never know, something in there might inspire an idea, right? At the very least, they’re fun to peruse. 🙂

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  7. I am also not a summer fan. Except for lightning bugs. The rest of it I can do without 🙂
    Up with good stuff for sure! It never hurts to re-calibrate and realign your priorities and focus every once in a while. Though when I do, it feels like a loss of possibilities for a little bit. But then what you keep winds up being stronger and better!
    On a side note, I often read through and sometimes buy (used and/or for cheap) knitting books I know I will never make anything out of 🙂

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  8. I use to have very bad days in summer in my 30’s and early 40’s.
    Now, I have got habit of brisk walking in the early morning to strengthen my cardiovascular system and self massage to help my circulation have helped me to stay healthy even in summer season 💪💫 I just love your bottle holder, it’s so cool 😎

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