Much Drive, Little Knit

The boys and I left Oklahoma a day early to trek east to see the Heavener Runestone.

My oldest especially wanted to see it. It was a beautiful spot, and while there have been some questions about its authenticity, I do believe it is possible that Vikings could have come to this location via the route suggested. I wish they would excavate the cave site because I think it could be enlightening. Regardless, we had a lot of fun!

We stayed over at a bed and breakfast in Mount Vernon, Missouri. On the way through St Louis we stopped at a wonderful fair trade store – Zee Bee Market – and the store manager got a great pic of us!

I’ve had plenty of time to knit as the boys have shared driving duty with me, but this is all I’ve managed.

And that was the best pic I could manage of the knitting on my lap in the car. Still, it won’t be long until I’m on sleeve island!

4 thoughts on “Much Drive, Little Knit

  1. My husband, David and I are planning on jumping in BOB the Rv this December and heading south to Texas for the winter. I don’t know if we will be going that far east in Oklahoma as he has not set a definitive route yet. But I think we would both enjoy visiting Heavener Runestone.

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  2. I’ve seen that site on TV! Your photos are better than I saw. It’s really interesting. I’m sure the Vikings explored a good bit of North America:)
    Your sweater is coming along! Knitting in the car is always slower than knitting at home. There is so much to see out the window.

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  3. What a nifty side trip! It looks like a lovely spot and interesting displays. I had read there was some doubt as to authenticity lately, but it does certainly seem possible! Nice that the store owner was able to get a picture of you all together – your boys are very handsome, and you all look like you are having a wonderful adventure together 🙂 Your sweater is looking beautiful! You are getting a lot done for being on a car trip, which definitely does go slower than regular knitting at home.

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  4. I’m always fascinated by the Vikings and try to look out places they’ve been on our trips, so if I ever make it to Oklahoma I would check it out. The town I live in, Dingwall, was where Vikings settled and originates from the old Norse word for meeting place. There’s a Viking museum in Dublin and the Orkney Isles had a fair bit. I’m sure they had it in them to travel that far.

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