One of my goals this trip was to get my projects cast on. Starting a new project takes extra time and attention, and it’s my least favorite part so I avoid it. Here are all my knitting WIPs.

Hitofude Cardi

The Oa

Staghorn Sweater

These sweaters are all in a good place to pick up and carry on knitting.

Celtic Myths Shawl – I started the edging.

Midnight Merino Raglan – this has been the easiest to work on and I will probably knit this on the trip home.

I inherited a new machine. It was my Grandmother’s last machine before she passed away. This is timely since my machine is having tension issues.

7 thoughts on “WIPs

  1. You don’t like casting on new projects!?!? I wish you lived next door. I would cast on something new every day if I could. Finishing is where I tend to get loss of interest.
    Everything looks great! I look forward to watching your progress:)

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    1. I keep each of my projects in its own project bag which helps me to not get overwhelmed. I noticed I have one stockinette, one colorwork, one lace, and one cabled project. It keeps me from getting bored! I’ll flit from one project to the next until I get close to finishing one, and then I’ll be monogamous until I finish that one.


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