French Seams and Top Stitching

I nearly finished my mismatched plaid tunic at the studio today.

I have one sleeve left to sew on, which means I can finish it the next time I go to the studio.

Here I am checking the bust fit. (ETA: Bob thinks it’s funny that I included this photo. I don’t know. I guess I thought you might like to see a photo with it on a body.)

I found two vintage red Bakelite buttons in my stash for the pockets. They were either inherited from my paternal Grandmother or I purchased them on Etsy when I was knitting Button Up Cloches for sale, I’m not sure which. I like that they are mismatched.

This came together easily and I remembered my three most important sewing tips I learned the hard way:

1. Never use interfacing. Use fabric instead.

2. Make the facings (or linings) a little bigger than the garment.

3. Sew on the sleeves before sewing the side seams.

I also remembered to stop when I got tired, because if I sew while tired I start making mistakes.

When I sold my serger I decided I would sew everything with french seams, so that’s what I did. I love the clean look on the inside of the garment.

I didn’t do much knitting today but I did finish ripping out the ribbing on my red Carbeth.

Wouldn’t my new tunic look nice with a new pale green or blue lacy cardigan? Do you have any pattern suggestions? I guess I’m looking forward to spring. I listened to reggae all day.

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