I have been exhausted all week. I don’t know if I’m coming down with something, but other than working, all I really want to do is sleep.

I am still working on this Ohio Star Cowl which may be better suited to a giraffe once I finally get the short rows done on the front. I really want to finish it!

The bad news is… Kate Davies had to put the Knitting Season Club on hold due to health reasons. I’m not sure where that leaves the design contest.

The good news is… my first Ottobre arrived! There are a few things I would like to make, but that means I would have to buy fabric! That wouldn’t be so bad, but I already have sewing projects lined up.

I recently read this article which has me wondering why I always want to turn my hobbies into a job. Granted, when I was home with kids making and teaching and selling my wares at craft fairs, that line of reasoning made sense. But now I have a job, a good job I love, and I seem to be good at it. So why don’t I just let my hobbies be hobbies and enjoy them? I don’t have to justify or monetize them, do I?

14 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I wondered what would happen about the Kate Davies knitting club as last week there was a lot of noise on social media about something she had written that upset a lot of people and she removed her comments from Ravelry, from her website and closed her Instagram account. I don’t actually know what she is alleged to have said but I did see on one podcast someone questioning whether they wanted to even finish a garment she was half way through knitting in one of her designs!

    Re: your hobbies to jobs I completely understand…albeit I am currently not working so have more internal sense of pressure to make a business of it…even though I am lacking in courage to take the necessary steps.

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    1. Hmm, I guess I am out of the loop. I didn’t see anything about anything she said.

      Maybe you could approach selling as a hobby? If you have something you want to sell, you can put it out there, but not put any pressure on yourself to really sell a lot? I don’t know if that’s helpful. I just want some sea glass stitch markers! 😁

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      1. Definitely agree with Alissa here. It’s true that you don’t have to monetize your joy. But please do sell at least some of your stitch markers! In a no-pressure-to-yourself kind of way, of course 🙂

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  2. You absolutely DO NOT have to monetize or justify doing what makes you happy! But I’ve fallen (and continue to fall) into the same trap over and over. I think I feel a need to justify the time, money and energy I spend on my hobbies. But why should we?? Movie buffs don’t justify the time or money they spend at the cinema. Sports fans don’t justify the time and money they spend watching games or buying tickets. More than once I’ve had someone compliment something I’ve made then say something to the effect of “it must be nice so have that much spare time.” Meanwhile, they might spend hours each evening watching TV or Netflix and don’t feel a need to account for their time. So why should we??

    Hope you feel better soon!!

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  3. Your cowl is looking great! Really interesting use of texture for the pattern 🙂
    You are best off to have missed the Kate Davies kerfuffle. It blew up on the Ravelry group and apparently also on Instagram – it got really ugly. I don’t know for a fact that the uproar is what caused her health problems, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The basis for it is so tangled up it is hard to summarize easily. In any case, I’m sorry the club is postponed, but looking forward to it picking back up in fall, assuming all goes well with her health. I was enjoying the exercises!
    And thank you for sharing the article – that was a valuable thing to read 🙂
    What is Ottobre? I’m guessing a sewing magazine?

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    1. Yes, Ottobre is a sewing magazine that comes with the patterns, from Finland. It is pretty affordable considering all the patterns you get, and they are classic patterns that can be used year after year. They offer women’s and kids, and a family issue.

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