Nailed it!

Hit the gauge smack on for The Oa and I love these colors! Now I’m supposed to knit it again in a smaller needle size, and I suppose I should do as I’m told, but you know I want to cast on the sweater now.

I am still making good progress on Celtic Myths. It won’t be long before it’s cabled knotwork time!

It’s Saturday and I don’t have to work and I might knit on the couch in my pjs all day.

ETA: My first version of this post was a little snarky. I felt bad about it so I deleted all that nonsense, but if you subscribe to my posts via email you get the original, unfiltered for snark version. Bob calls this “the real Alissa” and saves these posts for posterity.

It was just me grumbling about Instagram fatigue and how I should have artfully strewn flower petals in my knitting photos.

7 thoughts on “Nailed it!

  1. The swatch looks great, I love those colors! Knitting all day in pjs is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday – I try every weekend and fail at it, lol.
    I agree with others about leaving in the snark – we’d all love to chuckle and nod along while reading about Instagram fatigue. 🙂

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  2. Love those colors for your Oa! I’m with you on the urge to just. Cast. On! Your Celtic Myths is also looking great – love that yarn, and your shawl is beautiful!
    Now I’m sorry I missed out on the snark! I am also an Instagram failer – I just kind of take pictures of whatever is in front of me, without much by arranging or prettying up. Sometimes I make a clear spot in the clutter for the photo, mostly not though 🙂 Well, your projects are beautiful, no flower petals needed!

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