Don’t Get Your Knitting in a Twist!

I was cranking right along on this design this morning (math + math = math!) and there it was… I’d gotten my knitting in a twist! Luckily I wrote down everything I did as I went along. Time to frog! 🐸

We have plans today even though we’re expecting Snowmageddon: White Out of Death 💀. It’s Date “Night” and we’re planning to go to an artist talk in town, and after that, dinner.

What are your plans this fine Saturday?

3 thoughts on “Don’t Get Your Knitting in a Twist!

  1. Oh no, been there, done that! Today I’ve been doing odd jobs and random tasks, little knitting and should start cooking dinner soon. I say ‘cooking’ but it’s going to be a monster salad so no real cooking really. Enjoy the artist talk and dinner!

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  2. Don’t you hate when that happens! It’s always when I’m concentrating on the details.
    We had a lovely but busy Saturday. First the car show and then dinner out: Chinese food for N’s birthday dinner. The blasted snow is preventing us from going out tomorrow:(

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  3. Augh! So irritating! At least it’s written down. Hope the artist take and dinner is fun! We ran a bunch of errands, met friends for lunch. Then DH went to game with some friends of his. I put a good supper in the slow cooker, and then worked on the KS designs. Then we had a nice dinner and watched a movie!

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