Woo Hoo! Holiday Q&A

Nothingbutknit2 has posted a holiday Q&A! Her questions in red. My answers in green. Ho ho ho!

Have you made holiday decorations for your home? What have you made? Do you have a tradition of making something every year?

Yes, I used to make ornaments every year for the boys when they were little: knit stranded colorwork hats with their names on them, fabric Julehjerter, bread dough ornaments, molded beeswax ornaments… it seems every year it was something different. I even sewed a fabric advent calendar for them. I guess I stopped doing this the year their Dad and I separated and I started working full time. I had to give up a lot of arting and crafting. As a single working mom, I didn’t have the time or energy.

Did you craft for holidays when you were a child? Do you have a memory of something you made?

I remember making bread dough ornaments and painting them. I loved it so much it was something I wanted to do with my kids. I also remember making paper chains with my sister, and stringing balls of cleaned and reused aluminum foil with my Grandmother for her tree one year. Another year we strung popcorn and cranberries.

After I moved away from home, my Grandmother would mail ideas and instructions to me for making things, including fabric and paper ornaments. One year she mailed me a dozen plush felt tree ornaments which a friend and I decorated with fabric paint. I still have some of these. I have two totes full of my grandmother’s patterns in the basement! I keep saying I’m going to organize them and put them into binders.

Do you gift items that you make? Do you surprise the recipient or do they request something? How do you judge their worthiness? Have you ever regretted gifting someone?

I don’t gift too much handmade anymore. I do knit for Bob and the kids, but mostly just myself. Hans’ Goats of Inversnaid hat is a surprise. We’ll see how it goes over. I try not to be too attached about how my handmade gifts are received. I have definitely experienced the disappointment of having them not appreciated, but I know it doesn’t really have anything to do with me. I’m not going to let it keep me from gifting handmade items if I really want to.

Have you seen a crafty project you’d like to make but haven’t?

No. I’m not shy about trying anything crafty. There are some things I want to learn, like Nuno felting. I have tried wet felting onto silk, but not with great results. Apparently the process is the same but with a cooler water temperature. I see this in my future.

I have almost finished sleeve one of Harald’s sweater. I’m at the cap shaping.

Shout out to Henry who is so concerned about climate change he is giving up meat and becoming an activist, forming a local chapter of a climate change awareness group.

This is us waiting at the library for the tasty vegan food restaurant to open. Swagger.

I’m so proud of my babies.

2 thoughts on “Woo Hoo! Holiday Q&A

  1. With Nuno felting you don’t rub it as vigorously at the start either, otherwise the wool will felt to itself and not through the silk. Also silk takes a while to absorb the water so best to wet it and let it soak in before you start any rubbing. You have helped me remember the dough decorations I made as a kid. My grandad still had a chipped and peeling gold heart I’d made him with salt dough many many many years later.

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