Interlude Sans Knitting

I am bogged under with work right now. I have a speaking engagement out of town today and am vending at a crafty event all day tomorrow, and I’m hoping I’ll have enough energy on Sunday to attend my youngest son’s Marching Band performance in a holiday parade. I’ve missed most of his events this season, sadly.

Shout out to Bob who is playing taxi driver the next two days.

This is a photo of me and my middle child voting together on Tuesday. It was his first time voting and I have to say I was supremely proud to discuss the candidates and issues with him and walk over to our polling place together.

I have been knitting a leafy washcloth here and there for gift baskets. And of course I’m all caught up on everyone else’s knitting blogs! We’ll call it “calming.” If I don’t have the wherewithal to knit, I can at least read about knitting.

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